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Pamela Rivette

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Indigo Child

By Houston Psychic Medium Pamela Rivette 

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   Ever since birth, this Houston Paranormal Medium, Pamela Rivette, has had strong psychic abilities. Recognized by Houston's local CBS network as the number 4 best top Houston Psychic Medium that Houston Texas offers.

Pamela's top goal in her services to you is to do her very best to guide you to a better way of life, to find the answers you seek through your everyday life readings. Guiding you to unconditional love & happiness within Love, Career, Finances, home, yourself & the world around you. Pamela does her very best in utilizing her natural paranormal medium abilities to guide you through the turmoils of everyday life, including your love life, and connecting you with someone you love who is in heaven with God and the angels.


Houston, Psychic Medium Pamela Rivette has been in the same location in Alvin Texas. she has served the Houston area as a paranormal professional since 1996 doing readings on love, career, health, and more from her established home of 36 years of her life.


  Pamela's, paranormal attributes (which is one of the rarest and the best of paranormal abilities) are great for connecting you with your spirit guides, guardians, & connecting with our lord's angels, including but not limited to, Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, & Anael. To help you find the best answers in Love, career, finances, & health. Helping you see your best course of action in all life and love life situations and teaches you how to love yourself and love connecting with others unconditionally healthily.


   Known worldwide as a top 5 -star psychic medium, master tarot reader, spiritualist, Intuitive, Sensitive, Indigo, Paranormal Investigator, ordained minister & life coach. Pamela is one of the best in the business.

   Come Now on a journey into the paranormal medium realm as you have never experienced before! She gives accurate paranormal readings. She doesn't tell you what you want to hear, but what is really there.


  She makes no claim of being  100% accurate; nor does she claim to read all people equally. Paranormal readings comprise a group of impressions that are the most likely possibility at the time Pamela Rivette performs your psychic readings. You always have free will to make choices, which can totally affect anything this Houston psychic medium may see today. Remember: as for all of us, your future remains yours to decide and in God's loving hands.

You must watch the video below. Not only will this video amaze you, but you will love it and laugh your butt off at how this wannabe prankster's prank backfired on him. Two weeks ago a young man called for a medium reading. He told me he had a YouTube show, and I cut him off there. I didn't want any info. I told him I had no problem with him recording his medium reading while in my home. Later that night several hours after he left I spoke to him and he admitted that he was there to do a prank show on psychics and no disrespect to me he didn't realize I was a real psychic medium. Let us just say I turned the tables on him. He thought I was a fake and psychics weren't real. Well, let's just say he is now a believer, at least in me. I know you will love it. Enjoy

Messing With a Paranormal Psychic Video. Failure to prank the psychic.
  • Houston Psychic Services offered Include
  • Angel Communication

  •  Aura  Readings

  • Dream Interpretation

  •  Energy readings / Psychometry

  •  Clairvoyance 

  • Clairaudience 

  • Clairessence  

  • Cartomancy 

  • Ceromancy 

  • Channeling 

  • Spiritual Counseling 

  •  Spiritual Couples Counseling Readings

  • One on One Individual Tarot Readings and Training

  • Grief Counseling 

  • Empathy Readings

  • Lampadomancy   

  •  Psychic Medium Readings 

  • Love, Career,  Family,  Health

  • Paranormal Investigations

  • Emotional and Mental Healing Program & Spiritual Counseling

  • Spiritual Relationship Counseling 

  • Numerology Readings

  • Remote Viewing 

  • Spiritual Cleansing

  •  Master Tarot Readings

  • Telepathy  

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