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This book is about my real life childhood. Available on Amazon

Indigo Child

By Houston Psychic Medium Pamela Rivette 

click thumbnails to purchase on Kindle for $7.99 or Amazon paperback $11.99

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My erotic thriller available on Amazon
The Darkside of Sex, Jessie, is now available on Amazon Kindle at $4.99 and in paperback

$9.99. a portion of proceeds goes to The Alvin Women's Shelter. By Houston psychic Pamela Rivette 

About Houston's Best Psychic Medium, Pamela Rivette Available By Appointment Only

 Since birth, Houston Paranormal Medium, Pamela Rivette, has had strong psychic abilities. Houston's local CBS network recognized her in 2012 as the number 4 best top Houston Psychic Medium that Houston Texas offers. Pamela's foremost goal is guiding you to Our Father God and guiding you to unconditional love & happiness within love, career, finances, home, yourself & the world around you.


  (Accepting Jesus? How? Like this: Say (if you prefer, in your own words): Jesus, I believe You are the Son of God. I believe that You also died on the cross for me to take all my sins upon You. And I believe that You have risen from the dead so that if I accept You as my Savior, I will live forever with God and You JesusI’m sorry, Jesus, for what I’ve done. I really want to stop sinning. I thank You for taking the punishment that I had earned for my sins so that I may be clean and white as snow forever before God. Come into my life, Jesus, and lead me on the path that God has for me. Thank You, Jesus.)  Watch God's Present To Us.














Pamela's natural paranormal medium abilities guide you through the turmoils of life, including your love life, and connecting you with those you love who are in heaven with God and the angelsHouston, Psychic Medium Pamela Rivette has been in the same location in Alvin, Texas since 1996. She has served the Houston area as a paraprofessional since 1996, doing readings on love, career, health, and more from her established home of 36 years of her life.


  Pamela's paranormal attributes (which is one of the rarest and the best of supernatural abilities) are great for connecting you with the Ascended Masters, your spirit guides, guardians & connecting with our lord's angels, Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, & Anael. To help you find the best answers in Love, career, finances, & health. Helping you see your best course of action in all life and love life situations teaching you how to love yourself and others unconditionally and healthily. Pamela is one of the best psychic mediums in the business. Come Now on a journey into the medium, paranormal realm, as you have never experienced before! She gives accurate psychic readings. She doesn't tell you what you want to hear, but what is there.

 Schedule an Appointment, call 832-896-9970 (24 hrs. In advance.) Between 9 am CST and 9 pm CST 7 days a week. Get 10 Free Minutes with an hour purchase! Get 30 Free minutes with a 2-hour purchase. Your minutes don't expire until you use them. I do psychic readings by video via Zoom.


Types of Payments accepted


 Cash App, ChimeCash App and Chime. Just send payment to 832-896-9970 or ID $PamelaRivette

            Live In-Person Psychic Readings Rates


  • 20 minutes = $80.00

  • 30 minutes = $120.00

  • 40 minutes = $160.00

  • 60 minutes = $240.00 + 10 Free ($40.00 Savings )



         Psychic Readings By Phone & Video Rates


        20 minutes = $90.00

        30 minutes = $135.00

  • 40 minutes = $180.00

  • 60 minutes = $270.00 + 10 Free ($45.00 savings)

  •     Text Readings Now Available:

  • $15 per yes or no question.

  • $25.00 per common general question.

  • Prepay via Cash App or Chime, then text your 1st name, date of birth, names of people, dates of birth if known, and or names of places you are asking about to 832-896-9970. Once I receive payment verification, I will respond with your answers according to the order and types of questions asked. 


      Paranormal Investigation Rates


   Paranormal investigations do vary depending upon the situation & distance of travel. The lowest rate is $550.00  based upon simple research within a 10-mile radius of our location in Alvin, Texas. Mileage is an extra $50.00 per 10 miles outside of our radius. & depending upon the investigation, we find ourselves in further costs can incur depending upon the complexity of the case. Most cases are straightforward and quickly resolved.

  • Angel Communication/, Aura Health Readings/ Dream InterpretationEnergy readings/ Psychometry/ Clairvoyance/ Clairaudience/ Clairessence/ Channeling/ Spiritual Counseling/ Spiritual Couples CounselingGrief Counseling/ Empathy Readings/ Paranormal InvestigationsPsychic Medium Readings/ General Questions Answered on Love, Career, Family, Health/ FREE Emotional and Mental Healing Program to paying clientele/ Spiritual Training Classes  

Ordained Ministry Services

        House, Business Clearings, Blessings, and Armour of God protection services. Call for a free quote.


  • Testimonials



        In The Press


 "X Zone Radio" with Rob Mc Connell 

  CBS Network "Sports Talk Radio" gained Pamela recognition as one of the top Best psychics Houston Texas offers"Voyage Houston magazine" interview with Psychic Medium Pamela Rivette  "Mystic Magazine", 2023 Interview

On 12-2-2020, they tested my psychic abilities on a psychic science website, and I scored 96% out of 100%.



          Psychic Fraud FAQ


One sure-fire way to tell if a psychic is a fraud is to ask if you can record your session. The psychics who allow you to record are the safest ones to use. When a psychic gives you any reason, you cannot record your session including but not limited to it being illegal to record they are outright lying to you. The supposed psychic advisor doesn't want you to have evidence against them in a court of law.


             Contact, Location


832-896-9970 Cell


Try our 911 emergency address first in GPS systems: 569 Jeffcoat Road (some use street, some use Lane), Alvin Texas 77511. Our actual street/mailing address is 569 County Road 294, Alvin, Texas 77511.




Houston psychic mediums,best psychic medium in Houston area,Best psychic readings near me,psychic medium readings near me,Best pschic medium near me in Houston area
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