Some time ago, I made a bit of research regarding the Guardian Angels.... I found out that according to the Zodiac Sign......, the name of my loving Guard is SITAEL.....,


This angel, third choir of Seraphins, represents and rules the power of expansion, the donation to make everything be productive. He confers at his favourites a big idealism at the same time than a very useful practical minded. That is to say that all their ideas (all the ideal) will be able to come true . The person should not limit himself to issue ideas, because he will have means to accomplish them. One can call this Angel to conquer any difficulties, any misfortunes ; so that mighties will be magnanimous and generous towards him. Success is assured in industrial activities, or in batiment. Made promises will be kept. Success also in the field of Laws. By request to this Guardian angel, your Karma can be completely eliminated.


LOVE : This angel stimulates the forming of an ideal couple. The woman will help, inspire, the activity of the husband ; she will encourage him. They will take root in a solid ground, in a home without luxury but hospitable and indestructible. If the children are taking a long time to come adoption will succeed fully.

MONEY : Big success as (top) civil servant. Rivalries to be conquered ; they will be overcome with candour and loyalty. Noble ambition. Permanent progress towards the summit. Permanent advancement towards the top. one can be well known provided he leads a pacification permanent action,or tries to always sort things out. Wealth in conciliation.

HEALTH : This angel protects against all infectious diseases and against the venomous bites.Tradition points out that his favourites can invoke him against different diseases (and against different misfortunes).

JOB : As for money pacific struggles for accession to upper post offices, rivalries to be nobly conquered and, in general, well remunerated but quite hard jobs, strong activity. one should necessary use sympathy,luxury. Presence in high life (celebrations,banquets...)

ESOTERIC INITIATION : Discovery of the spiritual stocks hidden in deep down the subconcient ( wrongly call unconscious ). Contact with those who have the same Guardian angel, will help the person in his spiritual progress....


Construction of the Universe/Worlds

Bible scripture according to this name: Psalm 91:2 “I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.” Latin name: Deus Spes Meaning: The God of hope Choir of angels (jewish): Chajoth ha Qadesh חיות ה קדש Archangel (jewish): Metathron מטטרון Choir of angels (christian): Seraphim

I want to know more about my Guardian Angel so I gathered some info regarding him:

This angel is invoked to succeed against all odds. Dominates the nobility, personal magnetism, great discoveries and protects against car accidents, assaults and weapons.


Those born under the influence of this angel know they have much luck and so have the possibility to succeed financially. They are always active, fighting for their ascension. Their pride, prevents them from asking for favors to anyone. They are lone fighters. ( TRUE to me...)

They are beautiful inside and out and their strong charisma attracts the attention of people. They breathe life and live everyday in a special way, not very fond of the word “destiny”, because they find it very comfortable. They are great souls and like to have many friends, who usually give them valuable advice. They are very knowledgeable which makes it easy for them to understand all of life’s situations.

( TRUE to me... I can actually relate to every word....)

Usually they forgive people who try to harm them. Sometimes they show themselves a little shy due to all the experiences that the world offers. They are great transformer, protecting and encouraging people with new ideas. They have great sympathy and kindness, love parties, banquets, celebrations, although they are vert reserved in the way they dress.

( Oops......sorry i don't like PARTIES, BANQUETS and CELEBRATIONS !!! )

They speak their mind, because they don’t know how to conceal their feelings or act in a dubious way. They have many memories of things that were not experienced in this incarnation and which usually appear in the form of dreams. The goal of their personality is nothing more than the envelope of their soul, which is their nobility. (Hmm.... i often dream of WATER..... Does it have something to do with my past lives? )


They will do well in positions of administration, in management positions, ministries, heads of office or sections. They may still be great lecturers or political figures. This angel asks for more patience, think hard before you speak, act with prudence and caution in all aspects of life.

Contrary Angel: Master of hypocrisy, ingratitude, perjury, lying and erotic rituals. A person under the influence of this contrary angel, blame fate for everything bad that happens in their life and pass their responsibilities to others. They do not help anyone and charges aggressively those under their protectors. Uses sexuality to achieve high positions, have many amorous adventures, and shows a poor appearance.


(positive vibrations, gifts that can be received after invocation)

Construction; Master builder on the inside as well as on the outside; Planner, great strategist, gifted with a practical mind; Honest, upright administrator; Allows us to overcome all difficulties and adversities; Grants us the power to expand, makes everything fructify; Allows us to become aware of our errors and thus eliminate our karmic debts; Nobility, magnanimity, generosity, clemency; Faithful to one’s word, peacemaker; Work with important responsibilities; Architect and engineer in the service of the Divine; Gift for negotiating, enthusiasm; Social and political renown.

(...WOW !.... These has great manifestations in my life.... I SIMPLY and NATURALLY have these in my self....actually as i read all those from above, it's like i am having a reflection of things that i did, what i have overcome , what i have achieved and things that i have imparted to others.... And with all these......, I now know that my Guardian Angel Sitael is indeed and REALLY watching, guarding and guiding me..... All his influences and qualities are being reflected in my life... He is doing his job well and he is really doing GREAT !!! )


(low vibrations that came after abusing the qualities)

Destruction, collapse of structures, unfavorable period; Greed, excess, diabolic strategy; Error in preparing, planning, and evaluating; Aggression, ungratefulness, boastfulness; Hypocrisy, emphasis placed on the lack of authenticity; A person who does not keep his word or his promises.

Situations and Common Problems

Architecture; Back; Bones; Construction; Efficiency; Hands; Hips; Lumbar vertebrae; Preparation (on all levels); Rheumatism; Sprain; Teeth; Vertebrae.


Well, if there are GOOD QUALITIES and INFLUENCES, there are also the negative sides..., but I am choosing not to dwell on those...I do prefer to radiate in goodness and light with my Guardian Angel Sitael..... He's been doing GREAT since i came into this world....I don't want to fail him.... I would definitely want to walk with him back home in the glorious Heavenly Home of God...

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