Developing Mediumship Abilities

The development of mediumship requires, time, rather hard work, study, and, above all, patience. Despite what so many weekend intensives may promise, there is nothing "instant" about mediumship. If you are interested in developing mediumship and channeling, here are a few suggestions which will help you get started:

ONE: Always work with a group of people who share your interests. Mediumship is developed in what is known as a "development" or "spirit" circle. The development circle should, if at all possible, be under the guidance and direction either of a qualified medium or someone who has studied mediumship and knows the "ins and outs" of mediumistic unfoldment and development. It is called a "circle" because people sit in a circle.

How many people is a matter of choice or circumstance. We feel that sitting with fewer than four simply does not offer adequate energy and opportunity to work with Spirit. Seven or eight is ideal. Of course, where two gather in the name of God, Spirit will join in. There is really no hard and fast rule concerning numbers.

TWO: Decide what type of mediumship your circle will work with. It is not advisable for any person to sit in more than one circle or to have your circle working with more than one form of mediumship. The circle should sit either for the development of mental mediumship or physical mediumship. Each requires a specific general format and a very specific type of energy to be present.

THREE: Once the group has been established and you have determined which type of mediumship you will be working with, decide upon the day and time you will be sitting. This is very important: meet at the same day and time every week. Ideally, circles should meet once a week. People should arrive at the meeting a bit early and be prepared to sit at the appointed time of your meeting. You are making an appointment with Spirit. They will be there; you should be on time.

The seating arrangement should be determined at the first meeting. Each person has an assigned seat, which should not change unless the circle teacher feel that a shift in energy is necessary. In time, others may be invited to join the circle, and a change in seating might be necessary then.

FOUR: Every circle leader has his or her preferred circle format. Regardless of what that format may be, the circle meeting should consist of the following segments:

Opening prayer.

Call to God and Spirit.

An exercise or guided meditation which will help stimulate sensitivity.

A period of message work, where the students work with Spirit and Spirit messages.

Closing prayer.

Some teachers prefer to place the period of message work before the meditation and sensitivity exercise. We have worked with both formats, with equal success.

Keep the exercises varied and challenging. Remember, the purpose of the circle is to stimulate development and challenge the sitters to step beyond their current limitations.

FIVE: Circle meetings should run at least one hour, but no longer than 75 minutes. When the circle is closed, all people should stand up and depart from the designated circle area. This helps dissipate the energies formed during the circle meeting.

SIX: Patience is so important. Mediumship is a most beautiful pearl of the Spirit. But, like any pearl of great price, its growth and maturity require time, patience, hard work, and discipline. Work hard, study hard, be patient, and you should see results.

And remember you are working with Spirit. Mediumship is a cooperative effort. God is the ultimate Guide, and you and your Spirit guide work together in this great adventure. Never forget this all-important fact.

Finally, here are some other important pints to consider.

People should plan to arrive around 10-15 minutes before the circle meeting begins. This will allow them to unwind a bit and relax. Conversation should revolve around mediumship, not the cares and/or worries of the day.

Do not have refreshments available before the circle meeting, as it tends to encourage chitchat; furthermore, the caffeine can act as a stimulant which may interfere with the evening's work. Refreshments can be served following the circle.

Following the circle, discussion should be on mediumship and what people learned while in circle. DO NOT DISCUSS THE SPIRIT MESSAGES which were received during the circle meeting. This tends to foster dialogue and give information which may end up as a message the next time you meet. One rule we adhere to with the greatest of stringency is: once the circle is closed, NO MORE MESSAGES.

Accompany your circle work with study; not just in mediumship, but in other related areas of thought. Our study guide on mediumship and channeling is an excellent source for study and offers some very good suggestions on how to work .

Clairvoyance is a term we are all familiar with but do any of us really understand exactly what it means. Read on for a further explanation of what Clairvoyancy is and how it can start benefiting your life today.

What is Clairvoyance?

In its basic terms it means clear “clair” vision “voyance” and refers to the practice undertaken by clairvoyants who can see and understand something that is unseen to the average human being, another sense if you will, sometimes also referred to as an intuitive knowledge. This knowledge that is gained by the Clairvoyant that is not picked up by the five human senses, and is deemed to be a sense outside of time and space. Clairvoyance is a mental and physical ability which can help you understand your future, and answer any questions you may have.

What can a Clairvoyant help me with?

A clairvoyant can help you with any aspect of your life that you are after clarification on. If you need an answer to a question regarding your love life or whether you should take that promotion at work, your clairvoyant can help you discover what lies ahead, providing answers to your most sought after questions.

Will I be able to know what lies ahead?

A clairvoyant will be able to help you with any questions you have regarding your future. Formulate your question so as to get the best answer for yourself. To gain insight into the future it is important to open the mind and believe that your clairvoyant can help you.

Can the clairvoyant tell me my future?

Your clairvoyant will use their vision and senses to answer any questions you have for them. Clairvoyancy is not only about the future, your clairvoyant will use their understanding of your past, through their own senses, to help better understand your future.

Your clairvoyant will not sit with you and map your life path, through a series of carefully directed questions, formulated by yourself, you will gain knowledge and understanding of important issues that currently face you in your life, drawing on your past history and elements occurring in your life at the present day.

Are you ready to find out the answers to your most pressing questions about the future, while discovering the secrets to your past? Are you ready to understand the path that lies in front of you?

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