Psychic Tests

Psychic Tests

Do you think you maybe Psychic? Do you have dreams that come true? Do you have frequent cases of dejavu? Do you see, feel , or hear things that others may not? Do you know things before they happen?

If you have answered yes to any or all of the above questions then you maybe psychic, or at the very least have psychic abilities or capabilities. Some Psychic Tests can be complicated. Some psychic tests can be lengthy. Psychic tests can also be confusing. On this page you will read how to information on a psychic test you can do all by yourself to test just how intuned you are with your psychic skills. This Psychic test is lengthy and time consuming but easy as pie to do. Thru testing your psychic abilities and working with them the become stronger. Start testing your psychic abilities today and become spiritually strong.

Get a deck of regular playing cards for these psychic tests

1st couple of days do nothing but shuffle your cards so your essence (energies) are placed into the deck of playing cards. Then place the entire deck face down on a table and either or touch the top card, hold your hand over the top card and see if you can see the color of the card. put the wrong ones to your left and the correct ones to your right. When you can get 50% or more correct in 4 times or more in a row. Then proceede to the next step.

Once you have achieved that you do the same thing but see if you can see color and suit (example: red heart, black spade) again til you can get 50% or more 4 times in a row or more correct.

Then the final step is to see if you can see the color, the suit, and the denomination of the cards,(example: red heart Queen, black club 7) and so forth again til you can get 50% 4 times in a row or more correctly.

This psychic test doubles as a psychic exercise. You can also use it to enhance mind reading skills by having a person think of the card in the orders the previous test exercise was done in..Always do color first, then color suit,then color suit denomination.

Once you have accomplished these feats if you have a interest in learning the art of cartomancy

( reading a deck of regular playing cards) then contact Pamela Rivette about costs of lessons she has studied the art of cartomancy since she was 6 yrs old. So she has 34 yrs experiance in this field of divination and is a Master Cartomancy Reader & is known as The Master of Tarot.

This article is the intellectual property of Pamela Rivette whom doesn't give permission for others to use without her consent

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