A-Z Psychic Abilities & Definitions


Aeromancy - observes pictures and patterns in clouds as predictive omens.

Alectromancy - uses letters inscribed in a circle, selected by rooster pecking grain.

Aleuromancy - uses coins, tokens or random messages baked in dough. (Fortune Cookie)

Amniomancy - is divination by using the membranous sac surrounding a newborn baby.

Anthropomancy - examination of human remains (particularly vital organs) for prediction.

Anthroposcopy - is divination by observing facial features.

Apanto - (to meet) finds predictive omens by meeting certain animals ect.

Apantomancy - (Babylon) by colors of dogs, wandering in palace or temple.

as: Black Cat crossing path)

Arithmancy - is divination by the formulations of numbers.

Astragalomancy - interprets anklebones of sheep tossed on the ground.

Astragyromancy - bone casting of 27 bones with symbols inscribed.

Astrology - uses the placement of planets and stars at a persons time of birth and charts

planetary movement throughout their lives for predictions.

Atramentamancy - (Scrying) using Ink, in a bowl, or cupped in the hand for divination.

Augury - general term for forms of divination using behavior of birds.

Auspices the collections of symbols or signs examined in augury.

Austromancy - is divination from sounds and patterns of wind.

Autonography automatic writing, done using a sliding device or planchette.

Axinomancy - balances an agate on a hot stone or axe head, divining from location it drops.


Bao - uses stopping point made during inquiry, of cylinders slid down a grooved wet board.

Baru "seeing" comes from the seer "reaching hand into a sacrificial beast".

Belomancy - is divination by observing placement of dropped sticks or arrows.

Bibliomancy - is divination by turning to random book passages.

Biorhythm - uses a chart based on cycles of fixed time periods of time from birth to

demonstrate specific attributes of the individual for individual time constructs.

Bisba - uses divinatory examination of female breasts.

Bletonism - divines by observing swirling currents of water.

Botanomancy - numerous kinds of divination by using (sometimes boiled) vegetation.

Bya-rog-kyi-kad-tag-pa - (Tibet) studies direction & cawing of crows (divine messengers)


Capnomancy - uses the shapes and direction of smoke rising from burning cedar shavings.

Captromancy - uses a poppy flowerbud burn on hot coals for predictions.

Cartomancy - is divination by using ordinary playing cards.

Catoptromancy - mirror scrying to bring divinatory visions.

Causimomancy - divination using burned objects, particularly plants.

Cephalomancy - Examines the boiled skull of an animal particularly goat or Donkey.

Ceraunoscopy - study of patterns of lightning for predictions.

Ceromancy - is divination by wax dropped into water, uses traditional red candle.

Chaio-pai - tossing of Two curved bamboo blocks, for predictions.

Chalcomancy - interpreting the sounds of striking metal (particularly copper or brass bowls.

Chirognomy - is divination by the hands aspects (palmistry) following practitioner Cheiro.

Clacking - is divination from the echos of "clacking" stones together.

Clairaudience - is hearing outside the normal range (ultra frequency) sound.

Clairvoyance - receives information from extra-sensory perception.

Cledonomancy - is divination by chance remarks or events.

Cleidomancy - divining using a key as a pendulum, generally lowered into glass.

Cleromancy - future casting using dice (sometimes bones)

2-die system uses Y/N repetitions; and a 3-die system.

Copromancy - divination using examination of feces.

Coscinomancy - is divination from the residue of sieve or shears.

Crithomancy - divination by scorching corn or barleycorn.

Cromniomancy - divines using interpretation of the curved patterns found inside an onion.

Crystallomancy - is divination using crystals, or a Crystal Ball.


Dactylomancy - is using a persons ring as a pendulum over an inscribed circle, water cup,

or body part, for health/illness (or predicting a unborn baby's sex).

Dahmo - uses arrows marked with cloths, and dropped for answering questions.

Daphnomancy - divination by the crackle of burning laurel leaves.

Dendromancy - uses the shapes and direction of smoke rising from burned oak or


Dereu - divining by using druid sticks, marked with dots to form runic symbol, or Y/N.

Diwa - divines by use of reactions of boards rubbed together during the inquiry.

Dogon - scatters nuts on pattern in ground and examines paw prints of jackals eating them.

Dorze - throws fowl entrails on the ground to examine patterns for prediction.

Dowsing - is uses a forked instrument or stick to find water or lost objects.


Ekwele - uses patterns and up sides of 8 tortoise shell disks loweredby chain to the ground.

Extispicy - (Commanche) water is poured into cut open animal, before viscera is examined.


Furcula - answering or receiving a wish by pulling apart the "wishbone of roasted fowl.

Futomani - (scapulimancy) uses a shoulder bone of a deer +456


Gelomancy - interpretation of the sounds of laughter.

Genethlialogy - uses the precise placement of stars at birth, to predict destiny.

Geomancy(1) - is examines earth (dirt) trickled from the hand to a surface.

Geomancy(2) - also used to examine topographical or other of Earth features for prediction.

Graphology - handwriting analysis, for character and predictions.

Gyromancy - (to circle) is uses whirling (like dervish) uses falling location.


Halomancy - is divination using salt crystals scattered on a surface for interpretation.

Haruspexopy - is divination by examining the entrails of sheep, swine & oxen.

(Note: Caesar's death was predicted using Bull entrails)

Hemomancy - (scrying) looking into a drop of blood.

Hemotomancy - divination using blood typing of individuals.

Hepatoscopy - is divination by examining the liver of an animal.

Hieromancy - divines observing sacrificial remains.

Hippomancy - examines the patterns of horses hooves.

Horoscopy - is divination using a horoscope chart.

Hydatoscopy - is (scrying) using a natural body of water.

Hydromancy - uses dropping stones into a container of water and studying the ripples;

and/or (scrying) looking into the still water for visions.


I-Ching - divination using TriGrams & HexGrams, constructed from tosses of sticks, each

constructed symbol has a specific divinatory meaning.

Ichthyomancy - is divination using insides of fish.

Inaugurate - favorable divination from augury.


Kabbalistic Numbers - derives "hidden truths" in numeric equivalents of Hebrew language.

Kuei-pu - (plastromancy) divination using cracks in tortoise shell after roasting.


Lampadomancy - divination from looking into: the light of a lamp, or flame of a candle.

Leconomancy - is divination by observing the shapes made by oil poured on water.

Libanomancy - interprets shapes and directions from burning incense for predictions.

Lithomancy(1) - divines using the formulations made by casting stones.

Lithomancy(2) divines by (scrying), looking into jewels or polished stones.


Maculamancy - examines Blemish, or physical features compares to standards for character


Margaritomancy - is divination observing a pearl in the oyster, or by casting pearls.

Mar-me-tag-pa - flame of a lamp made from ( a Yew tree set in butter) is examined on certain

days of the month for predictions.

Marmotomancy - Diving the weather from the day of appearance of a Woodchuck

(Groundhog Day).

Ma-yee-shang-fa - (physiognomy) divinatory Chinese face reading.

Mikuji - (god lot) uses first stick shaken from cylinder; which has a number corresponding to

written message. Note: results can be avoided by tacking message to a tree.

Moleosophy - is divination using the shapes of moles on the body.

Molybdomancy - drips molten lead into cold water to form patterns for divining.

Myomancy - is divination by observing the movement patterns of mice.


Necromancy - is divining through (various forms of) communication with the dead.

Nephlomancy - (aeromancy) divining using pictures in clouds as omens.

Niso - (Japanese) (Physiognomy) divination using "the person aspect".

Numbers - uses chance occurance of numbers; as having certain focus or characteristics.

Numerology - uses NAMES, birth date & time, reduced to equivalent numbers.


Oenomancy - is divination by the appearance of poured wine.

Ogham Sticks - (marked on each side) are tossed several times to construct a rune symbol.

Oinomancy - divines using the sediment left in cups of wine.

Oinotomancy - Examines the skull of an animal particularly goat after it was boiled in wine.

Oish - uses (7) sticks, with symbols tossed in circle for predictions

Ololygnomancy - divining examining the howling of dogs.

Oneiromancy - the oldest form of divination: by interpreting dreams.

Onomancy - causal associations with chance words, random quotations, excited utterances.

Onychomancy(1) - (palmistry) reads character ect. by examining the fingernails.

Onychomancy(2) (scrying) uses a thumbnail, coated with dark oil or colour.

Ophiomancy - divination by observing the movement and patterns of snakes.

Oniscopy - general term for divination using behavior of specific birds for prediction.

Ornithomancy - is divination by observing the flight patterns of birds.

Ouija - Board inscribed with letters and/or symbols uses slider that moves around the board.

Can also be used with a pendulum for divining.

Ovomancy - 3 drops in water from a pierced egg give patterns for divination.


Palmistry - reads character, and divines, reading the lines and mounds of the hand.

Pegomancy - is (scrying) looking into a well, or sometimes fountains.

Pessomancy - is (geomancy) divination by examining tosses of small pebbles.

Phrenology - is divination (examining the brain) represented by the bumps on the skull.

Phyllomancy - divining using the shapes and lines of leaves.

Phyllorhodomancy - querant places a concave rose petal in their palm and "claps" petal;

results answer positive or negative questions.

Physiognomy - is divination by the physical characteristics, particularly facial.

Plastromancy - divining using markings, cracks of turtle shell (representing the universe)

Podomancy - divines using the lines shape and mounds of the foot (as in palmistry).

Psammomancy - examines sand trickled from the hand onto a surface.

Psychometry - uses extra-sensory perception from vibrations found handling an object.

Pyroscopy - uses specific analysis of the shape of the flames.

Pyromancy - is divination by looking for shapes and pictures in a fire.

Pythagorean Numbers - determines prediction of all things by their numerical equations.


Rhabdomancy - is uses a wand or divining rod, to find lost objects or point to answers.

Runes - use casting or blindly selecting objects, with divining symbols, which are interpreted.


Scapulimancy - is various divination, examining roasted shoulder blades of animals.

Scatoscopy - is divination by the examination of excrement.

Sciomancy - is a psychic interpretation from "shadows" of the deceased, or ghosts.

Scrying - is divination by looking into, water, or a mirrored or black reflective surface.

Sho-mo - (Tibet) tossing of 3 bone die, tossed into a circle from a cup.

Sideromancy - is divination by observing twisting gyrations of straw (or peas) on hot flatiron.

Sikidy - interprets patterns of handfuls of acacia seeds tossed into 9 overlapping circles.

Skanda - divination by physiognomy of hands combined with Astrology.

Sortilege - is general term for divination through selection of items.

Speculomancy - scrying using glass or glass mirrors, )looking glass).

Spodomancy - is divination by looking at cinders from burning wood.

Squdilatc - (NativeAm) uses symbols on a board with slider selecting messages.

Stichomancy - is divination selecting random passages in books.

Sycomancy - question written on fig leaf; is divined by shape, discoloration & time drying.


Tarot - uses different layouts of various playing cards; specifically designed for divination.

Tasseography - examines tea leaves after drinking to read shapes and patterns.

Tephromancy - is divination by looking at remains of burned tree bark

Theomancy - is divination by the predictions of oracles.

Tirah - (Bedouin) divination using patterns of bird flight.

Tring-ba - uses counting from random points on a108 bead "rosary", gives divination number.

Tympana - uses a drum or tamborine wherein the vibration causes objects(beans, or rings)

to settle on marked areas of circles, or symbolic pictures.

Tyromancy - uses the coagulation patterns of spoiled cheese.


Uromancy - examines urine and also divines using the direction and spray from urination.


Xylomancy - is divination by tossing bundles of dry sticks, observing the fallen patterns .


Zande - Leaves inserted in ant hill and which side is eaten first, determines Y/N answer.

Zoomancy - is divination by observing the movement and behavior of animals.

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