Signs of Psychic Fraud



    Please don't allow your desperation to find answers to your problems blindside you into being defrauded. Please read the info below.


1. If a psychic says something similar to this: "Wow, there is so much negative energy around you / a curse on you! Only I can remove this for you for a fee of $_____." and "I see this terrible event arising, there is no way to stop it unless you pay me $_____ to help you!"


2. If a psychic says or something similar to: "Oh, no, dear. Please don't worry about breaking up your lover's marriage, devastating his wife, and ruining the lives of his children! As long as it's something you want then go for it! You deserve to be happy!" and "Yes, yes, all will come to be exactly as you desire! You'll see it! I can promise you will unite with him through my help," (when such claims are not based on genuine Psychic impressions).


3. If a psychic says I'm the only person you should speak to. Whatever you do, don't go to another psychic, or tell anyone about what I'm doing because it will interfere in our work and bad things could happen to you if it interferes with their work."


4.If a psychic says: "I'm 100% accurate & guarantee results"Only God is 100% accurate, and as for guaranteed results: TRY to get your money back and it's GUARANTEED you won't get it. We should avoid anyone making this claim.


5. If a psychic asks you for any monies over and above the normal fee for services rendered.


6. If any psychic makes a claim: to being capable of stopping a divorce, bringing a lover back to you, breaking up a relationship, or anything that appears to be fishy. Then guess what? They are a FRAUD.


7. If you walk into a psychic's business, you see a sign that states; it is illegal to bring in recording devices of any type into their establishment. Then they are psychic frauds.

A real psychic such as myself will always recommend you record your sessions.


Have you experienced a potential case of psychic fraud by any psychic Please contact Pamela Rivette by clicking here. With Tittle Psychic Fraud and the name of Psychic in the subject area of e-mail. Thank You for your cooperation in helping us keep you and all of our beloved clients safe from this behavior.


With Light and Love From





Psychic Fraud & Fraudulent Psychics Actual Psychic Fraud Cases brought to my attention in Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas below. 


Master Psychic Ann Stevens

(713) 443-0091

Fondren, Houston, TX 77036 Sharpstown Houston, TX / She offers spell-casting plus other fraudulent services, so beware


Mrs. Gray Fortune Teller & Card

(713) 528-9675

2119 S Shepherd Dr. Houston, TX 77019 There have been a lot of complaints about his reader from many of my own clients who have tried her out. One she isn't a real psychic and 2 she tries to say she can guarantee reconciliations, which is a fraudulent claim.



Psychic Fraud Case in Houston, Texas, Brought to my attention 7-20-2011


Luckily this case came to my attention by one of my own customers whom the below website tried to defraud.

This psychic offered candle burning and prayers for her for $200.00...

It also claims to stop divorce. Sure signs of Psychic Fraud here!

Known numbers for their fraudulent services..









Psychic Alana


1 (800) 553-9354 - (713) 849-6697


Psychic Fraud Case Reported By A Current client

Psychic Readings by Elaine

This woman is a total FAKE. first, off she has two locations on is at 6103 Fm 1960 RD W Ste A Houston, TX 77069. The other location is at her home... she offers poor readings and literally only reads for 2 seconds doesn't explain any of the cards and just says yes or no to your one question she charged me 40 dollars and then took a phone call in the middle where she gave a customer a different price than what she gave to me! After she was, I guess finished with the reading she told me I had a bad aura and it needed to be cleaned, and that the only way I could find true love as if I got the cleansing. I tried to get out of there as soon as I could but she keeps hassling me to give her just half down for the aura cleansing.. I could finally walk out! It was a total waste of my money and 10 min of my time!



Master Clairvoyant Mason Lane is another Houston Fraud reported to me

her web address is

her current number is 1-713-695-5667

She preys on people's need for love and makes false guarantees. She pumps people for information, then feeds on what she has been told. BEWARE.



Here is a perfect example of a fraudulent psychic website., as you look through this website, you can see client reviews are faked for one. For two,  it claims to reunite lovers, STOP A BREAK-UP, PREVENT A DIVORCE, STOP 3rd Party INTERFERENCE, and help with COMMITMENT ISSUES pertaining to love.


Beware of psychic shop operated by a so-called psychic that goes by the name Anna


Here is an actual email I received from one person who tried to scam/defraud: ( I have posted this email with Karla's permission )


Hi Pamela, my name is Karla, I need your opinion, I found a psychic in Houston, west Alabama her name is Anna I am looking for guidance in a family member situation and she told me that some darkest terrible was around my brother I believed her and I am about to pay her 140 dollars, for special prayer, candles, and stuff, her work will end next Sunday. She said 10 days since last Thursday, Jan 26th.  Today I supposed to see her but her business was closed and she texted me saying to get back tomorrow in the morning. She said also not to mention to anybody about her work but today when I was waiting inside my car I found your website and I read about some fraud in Houston.


Warning New Psychic Fraud Case reported on 10-7-13



Her address is 9703 Westheimer Rd, #D, Houston, TX 77042 Her advertised office number is (713) 975-1191. The other numbers she has provided us are (832) 421-4473, (281) 799-0873, (832) 292-0804 (most recent) IP Address:, known alias names for telephone numbers mentioned are Lillie M Young Gender & Age Female | 53 years old Email Address unknown Birthday March 1960, Sar Schwarzbach,  &.Marie Evans.


My husband and I came back from a New Orleans trip, we passed by their place (during the 1st week of August) and thought to give it a shot. When we entered, we asked Bella (the psychic) only 2 questions. 1) Will we ever have children? And 2) Why do I have nightmares? She started freaking out, saying that I had a lot of negative energy surrounding me and that the dark spirits were trying to stop me from having a baby. Also, a lot of negativity from my past life and an ex were affecting me badly. When my brother was visiting, she asked to meet him since he was in the vehicle with us and after he went back home; she told me that there were many dark spirits around him. She also mentioned that the devil was attacking him after I told her that he was visiting to see a doctor for checkups.


The first time she asked for money was $1,200 to sleep on it, and then she collected that. Then she called and said that we needed an additional $4,240. She made me bundle it all took and place it in my womb area while walking around the house. Then came an enormous amount. She asked for an additional $6,300 which together with the initial amounts we had provided would come to a grand total of $12,000 to place as a deposit to reserve an item from the Smithsonian Museum. She claimed that the woman she called her "mother" and some other prominent people from the Church community needed 7 signatures to secure the artifact. She also claimed that we would see paperwork about this and to sign, but we have seen none such paperwork.


She also asked for an additional $19,000 to add to the $12,000 we had already provided because her mother had some trouble with her car and the amount she was providing for the deposit for the artifact now had to be provided from our end. She also asked for jewelry significant to me for guiding her through the spirit world. We ended up giving 5 pieces of jewelry total to her, including a necklace, 1 bangle, a pair of earrings, and a pendant, all solid gold. She also took the jewelry that my ex had gifted, mentioning that there was a lot of negative energy surrounding them and that they had to be cleaned.


The latest amount that she asked for was $777 to send to someone in Dallas and when we said we didn't have the money and that we couldn't possibly provide it, Tina (her "vessel") threatened us saying that "you can't come this far and not give the money because she's caught up in our world and culture and that she needs the money to save her and bring her back". She then changed her mind and said send $377 and today she asked for the rest of the $400. When we again said we didn't have it, she further threatened us by saying "If you think we can just pull out of this now, you have something else coming". She also said she's doing this for us and that she's weak because of us and that we were responsible for this and that we can't just back out because we want to.


She also had us buy her our cultural clothing, saying that the ceremony she had to perform required her to be garbed in our traditional clothing to create a stronger connection. She also took a pair of silver shoes to wear for this ceremony.


Every time we try to ask for more information or reasons behind the money or when all this would end, she talks extremely fast saying that she only has a certain amount of time on the phone before she has to get back to what she is doing. Otherwise, we would be bombarded with even more negativity. They also call us randomly during the nights that they need money to stay at the hotels due to the energy of the Indian people. She has this person called Tina (she might also go by the name Cher Evans, since she requested money once to be sent to that name and that it was her) who always goes around with her in a white Chrysler 300. Bella claimed that Tina was her vessel for spiritual work and she used her to drive her around and even sometimes collect the money from us without meeting us directly. She also always asked us to meet her in gas station parking lots and never at her place after the first time we went there. They've also come to our apartment 2 or 3 times to collect the money that they keep asking us for. The last time Bella came to the apartment, she walked around while taking pictures of the ornaments around the house.


Also, recently our apartment had the foundation resettled. In order for that, workers had to enter our apartment to make sure it was structurally OK still. She said that if they entered, a lot of negative energy would be brought in with them and so she said to keep 2 eggs in a bowl for a day, she never told us what to do with it after that day passed. It was only until a few days ago when she was in our apartment and walking around that we reminded her of the eggs and she was like, "oh! let me see", she then cracked one egg and kept it in a glass and told us to leave it there for 30 minutes and then take a picture and send it to her phone. It was not until the next day during the evening that she finally text and told me to flush the egg down the toilet, even though we have been texting her after that initial 30 minutes to know what to do with it. She also has us keeping some inspirational cards in the kitchen and a wand of sorts by the bed.


She also claimed that I was psychic as well, but that I just didn't know it yet. She also gave us 2 crystal wands with colored stones in them and that they would heal and protect me from the negative energy. When we argued about the amount of money being used and how stretched thin we were, my husband asked her that if she wanted for us to keep helping and still provide for ourselves that she help us with winning the lottery. The reason we asked is that she had claimed earlier that she had helped others win money through such means earlier, and so my husband asked to help us out similarly. She provided us with 6 numbers to use and said that she didn't know when it would happen, but that we should keep our focus and try with the 6 numbers she provided for however long till we succeeded. We've only been trying these numbers for a week now, so we aren't sure if they will work or not.


We understand getting the money is almost next to impossible, but what we really want to be returned is the jewelry. My mother-in-law gave it and means a lot to me. I sent a text telling Tina that I need to collect my jewelry since my mother will visit and want professional photos done in my wedding outfit and that I need it by tomorrow... she responded and told me it's in 7 places and that I can't get it back till after 7 days; I demanded my jewelry and Tina said that she will have Bella call me tonight at 9 pm to talk.  There's the remaining $400 that we haven't sent yet. Should we still keep up a charade and send it over or not send it over to signify our dissatisfaction, since we want to collect our jewelry? Below is a picture of her establishment on Westheimer



New Psychic Fraud Case brought to my attention on January 24, 2014


Psychic Kianna Star Below you will find the fraudulent case info which is causing a woman to lose her car & her home because of this person's fraudulent ways.

***Kianna Star Fraud****

Dear Pamela,

I was at a very low point in my life and reached out for guidance and help. They asked me to send an initial amount of money to start, so I did. Then she called daily with updates. Well, she kept asking for money and then the watch to turn back in time to a place that we were happy and together. She kept promising that she would send it all back with interest to pay the PLS loan off.  “It was safely locked in the work.” She sent me 50.00 once but that was to send her the other items. Again she promised that she was going to send it all back and it would be a few weeks. After several months of emails to her, she sent a text and said that this was her new number and that she had been in the hospital but was better now. A few weeks later she asked for my diamond ring and I said no. It is a 6000.00 ring and had already given everything that I had. I now am in a terrible spot. They are going to come to take my car and my house. I have fallen and broke my ankle so being alone and not able to work has pushed it over the edge.

Phone numbers and addresses that I have are:

1810 west mead #5308 Houston, TX 77077 package sent here and signed by Anderson Sartoni 

Psychic Shop by Kianna Star Houston TX

Newest phone number (just called, and she was out for 20 minutes) 1- 23-14 7:40 pm CST 832-207-2382

PSYCHIC SHOP - Houston, TX - Business Services in Houston, Texas   Cached.

View PSYCHIC SHOP company information, financial reports, and contacts. Find products, services, businesses. Browse ... Kianna star updated this company profile 

Texas Yellow Pages - Texas business listings -   Cached

PSYCHICS & ASTROLOGERS 3212 McCulloch circle Houston, TX 77056 Send to Mobile Phone ... Houston Yellow Pages - Houston, Texas -   Cached.

PSYCHIC LIFE READINGS 9550 DEERING DR HOUSTON, TX 77036 Send to Mobile Phone 12.8 mi ... PSYCHIC SHOP by KIANNA STAR. Tweet: Call Now! PSYCHICS.



Thank you again for your help. I feel bad that I was so dumb. Never again. 

Card numbers 4015366158377853 Name that come up was William Estremera 

same card # new name Anderson Sartoni 

Money Gram sent to Diana Costa 

$3185.00 8/6/12 Kianna Star 

$60.00 post office 

money gram $412.91 8/6/12 ##326628749 

$1870.00 08/13/12  #94845451 

$303.95 8/25/12 #90826787


$296.00 8/26/12 #  61173950

$203.95 8/27/12 # 64435673

$398.95 7/25/12  # 15640146 

$253.95 08/04/12 #62524708 

Cash Total: $7186.80 plus 3000.00 in interest from PLS loan store

Rolex men’s watch Value  5100.00 

android I pad value 800.00 with case and cord **** Returned broken.

Property total $5900.00

Making a complete total of $16086.80






Google map to my location

Psychic DisclaimerPamela makes no claim of being 100% accurate; nor does she claim to read all people equally. Readings comprise a group of impressions that are the most likely possibility. You always have choices and are free to make those choices, which can totally affect anything she may see today. Remember: as for all of us, your future remains yours to decide.

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  • PHONE OR VIDEO PSYCHIC READINGS ARE GREAT OPTIONS / In-Person Readings with Pamela Rivette are still available..Now that the WHO has declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, personal health precautions and decisions advised. Although I am STILL seeing clients in person at my home as of now, I wanted everyone to know that phone readings are a great option. Clients have reported phone readings with me are just as informative as readings in person. Mediumship and Psychic information attained by a direct channel. It’s always fun seeing clients in person, but unnecessary for a quality reading since I channel them.

  •  If you have already scheduled a reading with me in person and would like to change it to a phone appointment, please let me know. I can do readings via video via Facebook chat. Please call to schedule. 281-824-9415 or 832-896-9970 

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