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Haunted Antique Ceramic Doll

   Liza Murray's spirit inhabits this ceramic doll. To protect the privacy of my paranormal investigation clients I'm only going to tell you what I can about Little Liza Murray. Here is Liza’s story: Back in the Mid to late 1920s, Liza Murray, then a 14-year-old girl who was brutally raped and murdered by a man named Tillman Simmons.


 Tillman Simmons was executed by electrocution September 26th, 1927 For another unrelated rape and murder charge other than  Liza Murray.  There never was a conviction for Liza's death.


 The legend associated with this particular ceramic little girl Is the mother of Liza had been so heartbroken by her daughter's murder she went insane with grief over the loss of her only child. Liza's mother did not want to be without her daughter so she supposedly had A voodoo High Priestess ( that was related to the late Marie Laveau ), perform a ceremony which would instill Liza's spirit inside this particular ceramic girl.


 When the particular family called upon us to do the Paranormal investigations the reasoning behind it was their then 14-year-old daughter was nightly having severe nightmares of being raped, tortured and then murdered after they had gone to a local estate sale.


 Their daughter was also waking up from these nightmares seeing a black man leering over her while she laid in her bed.


 I asked the 14-year old's mother if she could bring out the items that they bought at that estate sale since that was the only thing that was different when the nightmares began. She brought out four items.  


 The first thing we did is we took dowsing rods and stood in front of each of the items they brought out. The only item we had any activity on was this particular ceramic little girl. We then asked if they could recall the address of where they had gotten the Items from.


 To further research the situation we then located the residence the estate sale had been held at. From there we were referred to an antique shop that had been responsible for holding the sale.  The owner of the antique shop who again will remain nameless to protect their privacy is who told us the legend behind the ceramic little girl.


 We then went back to our clients and told them the story we were told by the antique shop owner. This story confirms the nightmares their daughter was having. Since the spirit was associated with the ceramic doll they asked us to take her and to see if we could help the spirit of Liza find peace.


 We have tried all methods in trying to help Liza rest in peace, but the only things she needs from us we cannot provide her. Which is the recognition of Justice of her rape and murder by Tillman Simmons?


 To further investigate and validate the information we were given by the antique shop owner. We tried researching for information on Liza and Tillman Simmons. I could not find anything on Liza possibly because of the fact Tillman Simmons, was never charged with her rape and murder.   Although we did, in fact, find a little information on Tillman Simmons.


 Tillman Simmons was indeed a black male whom at the age of 50 Was indeed executed by electrocution  on the exact date mentioned earlier in the state of Texas.


When I first gained possession of this ceramic little girl I also was having nightmares of rape and murder. I've tried all the methods that I know of to try to release her spirit. But without her gaining vindication for her death she just will not go into the light.   I also have a male chihuahua mix puppy who is extremely sensitive to spirit energy.


 I have actually caught Liza playing with peanut. you can tell someone is taking his stuff toys from him tossing them for him to play fetch. This is so cute to watch. I have also seen peanut get in the front of where I keep the ceramic little girl and face growling into a direction where there's nothing to growl about. When this happens I get a overwhelming  foreboding feeling of dread and fear.


 So it is to my analysis that even in death Tillman Simmons, spirit is actively doing his best to hold on to and torment Liza's spirit.


 The only reason I am now placing the ceramic little girl up for sale is because I have recently started having some health issues. If something was to ever happen to me I would not want anything to happen to the ceramic little girl. Such as being thrown away or broken by a non-believer or someone who just does not understand the story behind it.. So please if you are the one who purchases this particular haunted item please love her and show her the respect and courtesy she never was shown or given by Tillman Simmons.


 It would also be really great if you own a small pet she really does love playing with my little Chihuahua mix peanut . I would also like to mention that thus far when Tillman Simmons, spirit has been around he has never caused me personally any harm that I'm aware of. So far he seems to be only interested in Liza. Another person's experience could be different so do keep in mind Tillman Simmons was a rapist and murderer.

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